eVS embedded Vision Systems designs computer vision solutions on embedded architectures. We work on applications in industrial automation, video surveillance, medical imaging and automotive.

eVS was founded in 2005 as spin off of the University of Verona. We offer consulting, R&D and design services to system integrators and OEMs  who want to renew or revise their products with vision capabilities.  

The staff is composed by highly skilled engineers with expertise in image/video analysis, software and FPGA design. We also cooperate in partnership with industrial and research groups.

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eVS designs computer vision FPGA IP blocks and software modules for embedded architectures. These hardware and software modules are the result of a continuous improvement process to achieve higher performance with lower resources and provide value to the embedded solutions of our customers reducing their time-to-market with customizable and easy-to-integrate solutions. eVS is a high-tech company strongly oriented towards research and innovative solutions for machine vision, driving assistance, security and biomedical engineering. Its expertise is recognized and valued by customers worldwide.


Typical applications are those where the camera acts as an intelligent sensor able to understand the scene and recover information for decision making. eVS works in machine vision for quality inspection and industrial process control, in automotive for advanced driving assistance solutions (ADAS), and in video surveillance to obtain information and statistics about people behaviors.


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