The eVS know-how derives from several years of challenging R&D projects with our customers and partners in many different industrial branches such as automotive, railway, transports, marine, robotics, pharmaceutical, textile, medical and video surveillance.

eVS specialises in algorithm design, software and/or fpga development, optimization, and implementation on embedded platforms.

Algorithm design at eVS relies on skills ranging from Image Processing to Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition; see the following list for an overview:

  • Feature extraction algorithms (regions, edges, corners)
  • Pattern matching
  • Adaptive contour matching
  • Stereo vision
  • 3D reconstruction and pose estimation
  • Model-based reconstruction and tracking
  • Video stabilization
  • Image registration and mosaicing
  • Segmentation and clustering methods
  • Classification algorithms
  • Object recognition and tracking
  • Video analytics (people counting, pedestrian detection)

eVS has a long-term experience in software tools such as MATLAB/Simulink, OpenCV and Qt libraries, the Xilinx Design Suite and Vivado, and in particular with the Xilinx System Generator for DSP to design image processing algorithms in FPGA.

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