EuroTecH Spa
Eurotech is a top player in the field of Embedded Computer Technology (ECT). In addition to computer design and development, Eurotech is a one-stop site for custom design of embedded PCs and high-performance embedded systems. eVS is member of the Eurotech Group since 2007.


Xilinx, Inc.
Xilinx is the world's leading provider of All Programmable FPGAs, SoCs and 3D ICs. These industry-leading devices are coupled with a next-generation design environment and IP to serve a broad range of customer needs, from programmable logic to programmable systems integration. eVS is member of the Xilinx Alliance Program since 2009.


XYLON d.o.o.
Xylon is a leading provider of proven FPGA application solutions and leading-edge IP cores optimized for Xilinx® FPGAs in embedded graphics, video, image processing and networking. Company's comprehensive IP cores library is named logicBRICKS™.


PAVIS (Pattern Analysis and Computer Vision) department at the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia focuses on activities related to the analysis and understanding of images and patterns in general and its staff has a wide expertise on image processing, computer vision and pattern recognition, machine learning, and related applications. The research in PAVIS is devoted to study and to build intelligent systems for real applications, especially related, but not limited, to surveillance and security, biomedical imaging, and bioinformatics.


Vision, Image Processing & Sound laboratory is a research lab in the Department of Computer Science, University of Verona (Italy). It is active in research areas related to Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, and Image and Sound Processing.


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