When tracking quickly and accurately is instrumental for mass production

AST - Active Shape Tracking - is an innovative technology designed by eVS for detecting the contour cutting of textile labels. The system is based on a camera that frames the label and a processor which estimates the cutting contour and sends information to a laser, which ultimately operates the cut. 

The contour cutting is estimated keeping into account both the label shape and the tissue deformation for the target label. This is crucial and makes possible to accurately cut labels that, with the advancement of the conveyor belt, would inevitably deform.

AST provides a set of methods to be used depending on the type of label. This way the system can be used in a large set of cases, addressing the critical issues related to the different types of label in the most appropriate.

AST is pretty fast and can process up to 4 labels per second. It is instrumental for:

  • Waste minimization
  • Downtime reduction
  • Quality improvement

Cartes, a leader in the LASER technology, equips its label machines with the AST system.

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