eVS has designed a system for automatic verification of corrugated metal sheet profiles from a moulding machine. Profiles are checked against a golden reference acquired off-line during the system initialization.

The system allows:

  • Quality control on samples
  • Monitoring the production process
  • Putting production on halt when non conformities are detected
  • Provide data on possible causes behind a non conformity

At a glance

The system is based on a laser blade projected on the corrugated metal sheet profile. The laser blade is then framed with a camera with 3D acquisition capabilities. Spanning the laser blade on the the whole profile makes possible reconstructing the height of every section of the target object.A setup with multiple sensors / laser systems can support a wide scan area.



A straightforward interface provides operator with core information about manufactured profiles while the underneath system performs control steps such as:

  • Acquiring the corrugated metal sheet profile from the moulding machine
  • Comparing the acquired profile with a golden reference
  • Computing whether the acquired profile is within tolerance for the production lotto
  • Communicating with plant PLCs for alarm conditions and keepaliving
  • Serializing non conformities to a local storage for later analysis and statistics

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