Docking assistance visual system

Visio-Dock improves visibility and distance perception during the docking operation, making the maneuver more fluent and safer 

Boat docking, especially the stern mooring, is a complex operation even for expert navigators. Poor visibility from governing position, blind spots, difficulty of obstacle detection and dock distance estimation can make the maneuver a long, hard and risky task. 

eVS has developed Visio-Dock, an innovative vision system able to support mooring operations by allowing the operator to monitor the approach to the dock from the driving position, avoiding collision with obstacles on the trajectory.

Visio-Dock is based on a multi camera system watching the area surrounding the stern. The images coming from different points of view are merged together to form a single wide virtual shot from the top, providing the user with a prompt and comfortable perception of boat position with respect to the surroundings.


  • Getting a clear perception of the maneuver in progress
  • Improving the visibility (blind spot) and the distance perception
  • Avoiding collision with other boats, the dock or other obstacles on the trajectory
  • Reducing the risk of damages and downtime
  • Reducing the need for help from the crew members during the maneuver
  • Docking becomes more fluent, quick and safe 

The system enables different viewing modes selectable by the user during the maneuver such as the view from the top (bird-eye-view) and the rear-view mirror (rear-view).

Guide lines are superimposed on the output image to help the user to perceive the distance to neighbouring obstacles at sea level.

Visio-Dock can be installed on any boat, both in production and after market, and can be easily interfaced with the other electronic equipment on board. Number and position of the cameras along with the number of monitoring positions (bridge end/or flybridge), can be customized on the basis of the boat characteristics and the customer needs.

Visio-Dock is the first of a line of products that eVS has specifically studied and patented for marine market.

Azimut|Benetti, the world leader company for production of yacht and megayacht, supported the system validation.

Visio-Dock is now an optional available on several boat models of the Azimut line such as the new 62S Italia presented to the Nautical Show 2011 in Genova.


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