When details make the difference

Implifico is a software enhancing the image quality starting from surveillance video sequences. It helps to identify face, plates and other details of interest when the video quality is low. This product is mainly addressed to law enforcement agencies.

In video-surveillance systems video resolution is one of the most important features affecting the ability to detect, recognize and interpret critical situations. Increasing video resolution necessarily depends on the camera quality, the bandwidth and the storage capacity. These elements, however, sensibly affect the system’s costs.

Even with high-resolution cameras the level of detail sufficient to understand the content of a scene cannot always be guaranteed: beyond a certain level of magnification the image will result blurred and poorly informative.

Implifico is a post processing software that overcomes these limits. In a video sequence if the object of interest is seen in a number of frames, Implificois able to select all the instances of that object, and to fuse them consistently, so as to generate a high-resolution image of it.

Implifico realizes the most recent results in image processing research, and applies them to the video surveillance field. A simple and intuitive interface allows the user to obtain optimal results. 

Implifico is able to

  • Process video data exported from every videosurveillance software
  • Favor the identification and recognition of faces, license plates or other details in the scene
  • Support investigations in case of criminal events

Key Features

  • Microsoft Windows environment
  • Magnification up to 3x
  • The detail to magnify can be selected by the user and automatically tracked
  • The system is able to distinguish among different poses during the clustering phase

Example of result:on the left,  the human face taken from one of the frame sequence and magnified by interpolation; on the right, the image resulting from the Implifico processing 


  • Videosurveillance
  • Monitoring of critical areas
  • Surveys and investigations
  • Video analysis
  • Forensics

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