logiVDET is a learning-based vehicle detection IP core, developed for embedded vision applications. The algorithm follows a discriminative approach based on a cascaded classifier using Local Binary Pattern features.
In order to detect vehicles in an arbitrary range, the core accepts in input a pyramid of images.
Detection results are stored into an internal buffer, ready for the host controller read-out.

Core structure

A detection window slides the input image. For each window position the LBP signature is computed and classified to establish if it is the target object or not.

Post-processing and distance estimation

The core is provided with drivers and an embedded software library in C code implementing post-processing functions necessary to group together overlapping detections, track the objects and compute their distance from the camera. The detection range depends on the imager and camera lens: with 1Mp @30fps camera, detection approximately covers a range of 1-100m using 50º FOV lens.

VDET Brochure

Key Features

  • Advanced LBP-based object detector for camera-based video systems
  • Supports Zynq®-7000 Xilinx® FPGA
  • ARM® AMBA® AXI4 bus compliant
  • Supports resolutions up to 4096x4096
  • Run-time variable image size
  • Support for input image pyramid
  • High Input Data Rate; > 125 Mpixel/sec
  • High Throughput; >50 GOP/sec
  • Fully embedded into Xilinx EDK and Vivado


  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Forward collision warning
  • Video surveillance
  • Traffic analysis
  • Contents based indexing

Video demo


logiVDET IP core can be evaluated within the logiADAK Automotive Driver Assistance kit.

For any technical details or information about evaluation and licensing you can refer to our technology partner Xylon d.o.o. that is authorized to supply the logiVDET IP core under the logicBRICKS™ brand. Click here to learn about Xylon's solution.

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