LMD IP core is designed to detect the lane markings on the roadway video scenarios captured from a rear view wide angle camera. It is the foundation of a rear-looking Lane Departure Warning (LDW) systems. With respect to a forward-looking camera system, it aims to a shorter range modelling so a simpler lane model model can be adopted.

LMD structure

The core works in the top view space - orthographic projection. Its functions include:

  • image processing filters (Gaussian smoothing and edge detection),
  • lane marking detection blocks, and
  • Hough Transform model fitting to detect the straight lines corresponding to the lane markings on the road.

    • The output of the core is the set of straight lines corresponding to lane markings.

      Lane Departure Warning

      The core is provided with drivers and an embedded software layer implementing the post-processing functions necessary to:

      • track the lane,
      • establish the vehicle position, and
      • generate a warning in case of departing from the current lane.

      LMD Brochure

      Key Features

      • Fundamental building block for FPGA based automotive Rear Looking Lane Departure Warning System
      • Supports for Spartan®-6 and Zynq®-7000 Xilinx® FPGAs
      • ARM® AMBA® AIX4 bus compliant
      • Adapts to shadows and light changes
      • Hough Transform based model fitting
      • Implements the most computing demanding tasks in programmable logic
      • High Input Data Rate (> 180 Mpixel/sec)
      • Provides high level decision making reasoning as open source embedded software
      • Fully embedded into Xilinx® XPS and the EDK


      Video demo


      LMD IP core can be evaluated within the logiADAK Automotive Driver Assistance kit.

      For any technical details or information about evaluation and licensing you can refer to our technology partner Xylon d.o.o. that is authorized to supply the LMD IP core under the logicBRICKS™ brand. Click here to learn about Xylon's solution for the Lane Departure Warning. 

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