The People Counter (PCN) is a compact and autonomous embedded device based on non-contact stereoscopic vision technology. It has been specifically designed for passenger counting above the doorways of buses and trains; it can also be used to count people as they enter or leave buildings, gates, rooms or any area with restricted access.



 Key Features

  • Rapid and low-cost installation and set up
  • Robust, lightweight and reliable
  • Stereoscopic cameras
  • Adjustable optical panel
  • Easy connection of multiple units
  • User friendly configuration software
  • Built-in illumination, reliable operations in any type of lighting conditions
  • High precision counting accuracy
  • Low power consumption
  • IP65 environmental protection grade index
  • Extended temperature range

PCN Brochure


PCN is a Eurotech product. eVS adds value providing services such as:

  • customization and ad-hoc applications/installations
  • integration with 3rd parties systems
  • in-field configuration and validation
  • system integrator training and support

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