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Computer Vision Services

EVS has a deep expertise on Computer Vision and can work as a consulting agency as well as performing software development activities in this and related domains.

Computer Vision services are of course related to image processing, for all those methods related to low-level operations such as image filtering, restoration, segmentation, etc., but also to more high-level tasks such as classification and recognition, in short, all the tasks related to the actual interpretation of scenes from an image or a video sequence.

EVS can also tackle multimedia problems, that is, we can analyze a scene also from a multi-sensory perspective, including sound data analysis as well as other data modalities (e.g., text or language).

In this respect, we leverage machine learning and pattern recognition (AI, Artificial Intelligence) algorithms, and, more recently, Deep Learning architectures. The range of applications is vast, including robotics, video surveillance and monitoring, safety, autonomous driving, industrial automation/quality inspection, entertainment, retail, fashion, nautical, biomedical, and many others.

EVS has specific skills and experience on several Computer Vision tasks: among these, we can highlight stereo vision, camera calibration, tracking and motion analysis, feature extraction, classification, object detection, semantic segmentation, and object recognition. EVS can provide a list of Computer Vision services, ranging from early feasibility analysis, design and selection of algorithms, proof of concept, fast prototyping, model training, software development, engineering and optimization, up to validation.


Specific services in the computer vision field


What we helped our clients to achieve in different fields

Visio-Dock: docking assistance visual system

Between 2010 and 2012, EVS, in collaboration with an important Italian yacht builder, designed and developed an innovative visual mooring assistance system called Visio-Dock that aimed to improve visibility and…

A success story: the people counter

PCN-1001 is a compact and autonomous passenger counting device, designed by Eurotech and based on stereo vision. It is designed for mounting above bus and train doorways and can also…


In 2013, EVS developed BeQuanti – a software specialized for the automatic analysis of leukocyte trafficking underflow – in collaboration with the LCTST lab at Verona University.

Automotive Driving Assistance Development Kit

The FPGA design of driving assistance features, such as Lane Departure Warning, Pedestrian Detection and Vehicle Detection and their integration into an automotive driving assistance development platform based on Xilinx…

AST – Active Shape Tracking

EVS engineered and deployed a vision system for an OEM manufacturer of textile machines that improves the process of cutting woven labels, thereby increasing product quality and reducing waste.

Bird monitoring system

Between 2018 and 2021, EVS worked on an innovative project aimed at creating a distributed AI-based vision system for monitoring birds in airport scenarios. The team consisted of EVS, the customer,…

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