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This is just a selection of case studies for the main industries we are used to work with. We believe they were somehow milestones in our journey and may be indicative of the range of problems we tackled. We would be delighted to discuss potential opportunities with you. Feel free to get in touch.


Embedding DMS/OMS

EVS’ prowess in high performance embedding and image processing, specializing in FPGA and ASIC design technology, finds good examples in the deep strategic relationship with Seeing Machines, which extends back…

Detecto IP core

Detecto is an IP core designed by EVS that speeds up object detection tasks in programmable logic. Detecto is optimized for Xilinx SoC.

Automotive Driving Assistance Development Kit

The FPGA design of driving assistance features, such as Lane Departure Warning, Pedestrian Detection and Vehicle Detection and their integration into an automotive driving assistance development platform based on Xilinx…


Bird monitoring system

Between 2018 and 2021, EVS worked on an innovative project aimed at creating a distributed AI-based vision system for monitoring birds in airport scenarios. The team consisted of EVS, the customer,…

A success story: the people counter

PCN-1001 is a compact and autonomous passenger counting device, designed by Eurotech and based on stereo vision. It is designed for mounting above bus and train doorways and can also…

Visio-Dock: docking assistance visual system

Between 2010 and 2012, EVS, in collaboration with an important Italian yacht builder, designed and developed an innovative visual mooring assistance system called Visio-Dock that aimed to improve visibility and…

Healthcare & Life Science


In 2013, EVS developed BeQuanti – a software specialized for the automatic analysis of leukocyte trafficking underflow – in collaboration with the LCTST lab at Verona University.

Smart Manufacturing

AST – Active Shape Tracking

EVS engineered and deployed a vision system for an OEM manufacturer of textile machines that improves the process of cutting woven labels, thereby increasing product quality and reducing waste.