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Visio-Dock: docking assistance visual system

Between 2010 and 2012, EVS, in collaboration with an important Italian yacht builder, designed and developed an innovative visual mooring assistance system called Visio-Dock that aimed to improve visibility and distance perception during the boat docking operation, thus making the maneuver smoother and safer.



Boat docking, especially stern mooring, is a complex operation, even for expert navigators. Poor visibility from the governing position, blind spots, the difficulty in seeing obstacles and estimating docking distance, can make the maneuver a time-consuming, hard and risky task. The number of accidents and collisions with docks, other boats, moorings, breakwaters and cranes is constantly on the increase with huge claims for damages and danger to people.


EVS has developed Visio-Dock, an innovative vision system that assists mooring operations by allowing the operator to monitor the approach to the dock from the driving position, thus avoiding collisions with obstacles on the trajectory.

Visio-Dock is based on a multi camera system that oversees the area surrounding the stern. The images coming from different angles are combined and blended to form a single wide virtual shot from the top (bird’s eye view), providing the user with a prompt and comfortable perception of the boat’s position in relation to its surroundings.

Added Value


  • A clear perception of the ongoing maneuver
  • Improved visibility (blind spot) and distance perception
  • Avoidance of collisions with other boats, the dock or other obstacles in the trajectory
  • Reduced risk of damage and downtime
  • Reduced need for help from crew members during the maneuver
  • Docking becomes smoother, quicker and safer


Azimut|Benetti, the world’s leading luxury and mega yacht builder, contributed to system development and validation.


The system enables the user to view different selectable modes during the maneuver, such as the view from the top (bird’s eye view) and the rear-view mirror (rear-view).

Guidelines are superimposed onto the output image to help the user perceive the distance to neighboring obstacles at sea surface level.

Visio-Dock can be installed on any boat, both in production and after market, and can easily be interfaced with other electronic equipment on board. The number and position of the cameras, as well as the number of monitoring positions (bridge end/or flybridge), can be customized according to the boat’s characteristics and the customer’s requirements.


Visio-Dock is an invention protected by Italian patent No. 0001401965 of September 24, 2010

“Apparato di ausilio visuale all’ormeggio di un’imbarcazione”


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