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Skill, knowledge, and creativity: Embedded Vision Systems


Problem solving meets critical thinking

We are devoted experts motivated to investigate innovative solutions. We have a strong desire to make our ambitions concrete. Our goal is to promote the use of computer vision and AI to safeguard lives, goods, company and assets through proactive solutions. Our team is capable of analyzing situations, proposing strategies to overcome problems, creating optimized implementations, and producing the expected outcome.

EVS is “heart and soul”: research and engineering, together. A cohesive team produces innovation communicating in a common language, while cutting down risk and development time.
This strategy improves the concept, shortens the time between the development of the idea and its implementation, adds culture and knowledge, and enables the project to be continuously improved.
EVS combines an entrepreneurial attitude with academic mindset.


What we helped our clients to achieve in different fields


A highly skilled team for unthinkable solutions

We are more than academics and engineers: we are a team that works together to achieve the goals we have set for our clients. This is why we take care of interpersonal relationships as much as technical improvements. The group is fueled by joyful, enthusiastic individuals - as a result our projects gain a sense of creativity and innovation.


Special thanks to

These are just a few of the businesses for whom we have developed effective solutions and delivered outcomes. Our expert team’s ability to combine enthusiasm and dedication with experience and knowledge produced results that assisted our customer in achieving their objectives. We also partake in partnerships with research groups.

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    Our team is continuously looking for people who share our passion for enhancing living standards via AI-powered solutions.


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