Smart manufacturing

EVS engineered and deployed a vision system for an OEM manufacturer of textile machines that improves the process of cutting woven labels, thereby increasing product quality and reducing waste.

“EVS Embedded Vision Systems Srl is a partner for CARTES with whom we have improved the processes of productivity and waste reduction on our woven label die-cutting machines. Punctual and cooperative, we have achieved our goals together”.

― Carlo Stefano Lodi

Product Manager, CARTES SRL


Defects in the fabric cutting process

The process of cutting woven labels requires that, once the strip with the labels is correctly positioned, the laser will follow the cutting contour that has been predefined in accordance with the CAD model loaded for that production batch.

Since the fabric is liable to stretch, the cutting contour does not always perfectly adhere to the shape of the label and can lead to product defects. This results in wasted material, defect claims, the need for personnel to monitor production and downtime to recalibrate the cutting parameters.


Detection of fabric label contour cutting

AST – Active Shape Tracking – is an innovative technology that EVS has designed for the in-line detection of fabric label contour cutting. The system uses a camera to capture an image of the label and software which adaptively estimates the cutting contour and sends information to the Laser die-cutting unit, which ultimately operates the cut.

The contour cutting is estimated by taking into account both the shape of the label and any fabric deformation for the target label. This is crucial for precision cutting since, as the conveyor belt advances, the fabric would inevitably be pulled out of shape. AST can process up to 4 labels per second.

AST allows the machine to perfectly produce centered and homogeneous badges, avoiding any waste of material and can be used in a wide range of cases, addressing any critical issues related to the various types of labels in the most appropriate manner.

Added value

Quality improvement

AST is instrumental for:

  • Waste minimization
  • Downtime reduction
  • Quality improvement
Project partner

CARTES, founded in 1970, is a global manufacturer of label machine, a specialist on the high value-added products market and a pioneer in the development of innovative solutions for self-adhesive as well as linerless, reel-to-reel, web-printed finishing and converting processes.

CARTES has installed the AST system onto its woven label machines.