Making AI and machine learning part of a virtuous and effective mechanism through the realization of innovative machine vision solutions: this is our mission

A story of research and expertise that brings together scientific and software engineering skills also told by Sole24 ore and Publimedia Group’s Aziende24.

Computer vision is a booming field of AI that holds a pivotal place in Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0.
An Italian excellence in this sector is certainly eVS embedded Vision Systems, founded in 2005 as the first spin-off of the University of Verona.
eVS is a high-tech company strongly oriented towards the research and development of innovative solutions, with the peculiarity of knowing how to implement them efficiently on devices with limited computing resources and low consumption used on board vehicles, robots and in edge computing in general.

In particular, eVS specializes in the optimization of vision algorithms on embedded systems and in the design of FPGA/ASIC modules for the hardware acceleration of machine learning methods capable of recognizing objects, actions and behaviors.

It is mainly active in the automotive market on driver assistance systems, such as pedestrian detection and driver monitoring. Other sectors in which it operates are the nautical one for aiding the maneuvering of boats, the aerospace, biomedical and industrial ones.
The experience of eVS is today recognized and appreciated by customers and partners all over the world as a unique mix between solid scientific foundations and software engineering skills in the field of artificial vision.

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